• What is the Annual Fund Drive and what does the money collected support?
    The Dublin Music Boosters Annual Fund Drive is held the first Thursday following Labor Day. Marching band practice after school is shortened (usually 4:30PM) and report time for the fund drive is typically 5:30PM. The directors will communicate the practice and report time. Students are to report in their summer uniform shirt.Students sign up in groups of four and are assigned a route to canvass door to door asking for donations. A parent driver takes the students on their assigned route. Students and parent drivers return to the school by 8:30PM where they turn in the donated money and have refreshments. Funds received through the fund drive and concessions are used for buying instruments, sheet music, clinics for students and other services needed to maintain the quality of our music programs in Dublin City Schools.

  • How can I volunteer?
    The success of the Dublin Music Boosters depends on parent volunteers. We would love to have your help. Please complete the >> DMB Volunteer Form << or contact your student’s music director. You can also contact one of the DMB Executive Board members or your high school’s Vice President or the Committee Chairs.

Marching Band FAQs

  • What is a Band Spread?
    Band Spreads are held two to three times during the fall marching band season on Friday’s prior to the football games. The band is provided a meal prior to their performance. The Special Events fee that you paid helps offset the cost of these meals. Many community businesses donate food items or provide meals at discounts for the band students. Parents also donate food such as baked goods, salad and fruit.The performances are held in public spaces, such as a church or park, and are free to the public. The band performs in concert arc. You are encouraged to bring a chair or blanket to sit on and enjoy listening to the show.

  • What is a “row” dinner?
    A “row” is a group of marching band students of the same instrument. Prior to Friday night football games, students within a row or section will often have dinner together. Students will either have dinner at a local restaurant or a family will host the dinner for the row or members of a section. Row Dinners give members of a section an opportunity for team building and ensures the underclassmen are accounted for between school and report time. As a parent, you will need to decide if you are comfortable with allowing your student to be driven by older students. You are encouraged to get to know the members of your student’s section.

  • What is a shared position?
    A set number of regular positions is determined for the group based on the number of students that have signed and auditioned on their instruments for band in the spring of the previous year, as well as the breakdown of various instruments. At that time we determine, based on past experience, how many “shared positions” we will need for next year. The students are then auditioned by the music staff on their marching abilities prior to camp, and are assigned a regular or a shared position based on the results of their combined playing and marching skills. During the course of the year, shared positions are given the opportunity to participate in a pregame and/or half-time presentation based on each week’s progress as determined by the music staff. Students experiencing difficulties coordinating their marching and playing skills, or lacking initiative will not receive as many opportunities to participate as the other students. Shared position students ARE regular members of the band, and are expected to fulfill obligations just like the other band members. Therefore, these students are assigned responsibilities that are just as important to the overall functioning of the marching band as are the students who are marching a particular position in the drill. These duties include the positioning of equipment on the field prior to the show (podiums, batons, etc.), or helping with any other necessary items that may be used in the band’s performance. This obligation also gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate how responsible they are at completing a task and doing it well.
    Some of our BEST squad leaders started out in shared positions their first year in the band!!!

  • Can I take my child to the away game instead of him/her riding the bus?
    The directors would rather students ride the bus with the rest of the band. However, if a need arises, you should discuss this with the director and write a note early in the week requesting permission.

  • Can I bring my child home from an away game so that he/she get home sooner?
    See question above. Also, as members of the band, they all are often required to help unload the van.

  • Can my child leave after halftime?
    No, unless it is an emergency or you have gotten permission from the director ahead of time.

  • Does my child have to participate in the Dublin parades?
    Yes, if they are in town they are expected to march in the parade. This applies to the July 4th parade. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade nd the Memorial Day Parade are curricular concerts which are graded events.

  • Does my child have to march in order to be in the band?
    If they are not in a fall sport, the answer is yes. If they are in a fall school sport, they will be in the fall sport concert band. They have band as a class period, but do not participate in marching band. After marching season, they will be grouped with all the other band students into one of several concert bands.

  • How do I find out the location of the away football games?
    If there is a map you need that you are not able to find or you are able to contribute some insight (i.e. construction or a better route), please email the webmaster .Also, the OHSAA website has directions to all the high schools.